Friday, June 28, 2013

As things become possible


Selavy makes a good point this morning. What is more alluring than sharing an unexpected secret? What could be better than willingness? All things are possible with it, none without. Is there anything nicer than an unforeseen invitation, one lined with suggestion, innuendo. A summons in the form of a simple, little, picture - unexpectedly sent. I have long sought the sweet and tawdry. Love, or anything resembling it, should have its secrets, the sharing of cheap, precious little unknowns; there should exist a component of private naughtiness, to keep the imaginative component involved.

All things are possible within it.

It is as easy as going into the bathroom and taking a quick picture, though it can be done even easier than that. It could be as simple as lifting a leg. Describing it may make it sound cheap, but you know it when it happens, and it is not cheap at all but rather precious, among other things, exciting.

They are sweet stories to tell yourself.

With many photographs there is the feeling that one is peering in on, or perhaps past, a secret - a shared confidential may also be peering back out, or even through. It may be the moment that the secret is secret no more. It is never easy to say with complete certainty. It is a mystery concerning mysteries.

Maybe I have already said too much.