Thursday, June 6, 2013

A hero for our time

(Carny Enigma)

No time to write today. But who needs to write when you have pieces like this written about you.

One quick reaction to that though: baseball is a metaphor for American life. It is neither perfect nor complete as such, but it does function as a metaphor, a thing regarded as representative or symbolic of something else. All sports do this, they represent some other aspect of a culture, or of being a human within that culture, if only in a general sense. Their meaning is not confined to the sport alone. Ask any anthropologist if sports represent cultures. In that, they are metaphorical.

Increasingly, we live in a society that worships The Rules and fears Law. When one considers the climate of panic among athletes concerning the use of performance enhancers... Well, you can make your own connections there.

Fuck, I have no time for this today. I must run, as if I'm rounding first and heading towards second, watching the right fielder grapple and come to fumbling terms with my base hit, all the while the girls in the grandstands giggling and cheering, wearing their sunglasses and tight white shirts....