Monday, June 17, 2013

Ms. Pithy

(One of the many tunnels at Train Town)

I've had another long-time reader of the site say that the black on white is no good. Too hard to read, it's the new claim. Why can't these decisions be reader-based. Come on Google? If you have a Gmail account you could log on and make your own preferences, site by site, or an as overarching preference. How hard can it be to get something right?

I should change it to black on black. Anybody that wanted to read would have to copy, paste and edit. A secret within a secret.

Cato has recently started writing on his own site. I hate the words blog, and blogging. Something about them has always seemed..... turd-worthy. Perhaps it is that Brits use a euphemism for a toilet: the bog, toilet paper being bog-roll. Then, of course, there is the standard and accepted use of the word: wet, muddy and marshy ground.  A morass of possible meanings. But, Cato has his own blog site now also. So, I've probably lost a reader, but it'll be good for him to finally come out of the closet. 

Are we allowed to re-claim the meaning of that phrase yet? If I had more energy I would just misuse metaphors and re-appropriate phrases, to see what happens, what possible meanings emerge. Or, perhaps that's all that I've ever been doing, pasting lifted hackneyed phrases where they don't belong. I do get an almost cocaine-like thrill from stealing. Have I mentioned my days as a shoplifter here? 

That is a story for another morning.

Rhys was sick all night last night. So, Rachel was up doing what mothers are famous for.

Some moron was outside of our house honking their horn in the middle of the night. This only triggered Rhys' awakening, but then the boy was up dry-heaving and child-wailing, confused and distressed at the sickness' onset.

I've tried to think of a good exiting maxim here but can't. 

You know how that goes: it 'aint over 'til it's