Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Defensibility of the wicked

(validation, 1:16)

These are just daily observations, at best. I don't encourage anybody to consider these scribblings as a detailed analysis of the world or its events. Often, I will offer supposition just to bring some light to my own feelings concerning it. It is not meant to be a lucid ordering of the world, at all. If it occasionally lacks the depth or insight that you require then I would encourage you to also write daily, and publicly, to get a feel for how much content can be created while also conducting a reasonably normal life.

This site is not required reading. Though, as I have often said, when I become dictator you will be tested on it, etc.

I've had a friend recently begin to take this site far too seriously, for reasons I still don't understand.

So, it works like this: I wake up most mornings and sit down and jot down any thoughts that come to mind. Often, this is done before I've had coffee, before I have even chosen a topic. I picked this particular explanation as a subject today because this friend has been on my mind. I awoke to find yet another dismissal of me for reasons I don't understand. It was veiled in the form of a question, one that was presumably meant to invite conversation, but the meaning was clear. It was an insult. It is not the first, of late. I suppose I could make a guess as to why this is happening, but that might appear to be less than kind also, so I won't. 

Do not think me thin-skinned here. This subject has landed near me, so I have chosen to write about it. Nothing more.

This site is at its best, for me, when it is absurd and without clear meaning. Ambiguities are more interesting than opinions. I try to choose a subject without too much pre-thought and then see where it takes me. I have (hopefully) arranged the utterances into paragraph form and (hopefully) given them some vague sense of continuity. I will find out a part of how I feel about a particular thing because I have just written about it. It is a process of discovery. I am often shocked at what has come out of me, the thing that I have just written, the preposterous idea that has just been given form. Frequently, I will delete these things before posting. They are hideous, and wrong, and do not deserve any light or oxygen from which they might survive.

There are also recurring times that I go back and read a post, or part of a post that someone has taken interest or offense in, and I will find that I don't agree with what I've written at all either. This is because sometimes I am merely entertaining a runaway thought. 

This is not to say that I do not take some subjects seriously, or alternately dismiss subjects that others cloak in sanctimony, or even attack ideas and people that I find either worthy or unworthy of doing so. I often do, and relish it.

For me, it is an exercise in the unimpeded use of the mind, even when towards senseless or nefarious means. If your desire is to place restrictions (in the form of expectations) on what gets written here then I wish you much luck. 

I have always responded so warmly to the expectations of others.