Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Out of Office Reply

Sleep is boring, when done well. I won't bore you further with the other way, either.

I don't look forward to dying, but at least in that I'll never have another sleepless night.

One of the things I noticed about the team that beat us like a herd of lazy mules was that many of them had on leg and knee braces, various supports and wraps. They all limped like wooden farmers. They would hit the ball, hobble to first base, then have somebody else take over for them as a runner. These guys have played together for years. It begs the wondering, did they all start out that way? I still feel as if I've been damaged by unseen forces that I do not understand, in areas that are no longer meant to be used.

I had thought that I was getting in better shape, just by going to the gym. There are aspects of fitness that working out will not necessarily bring you, flexibility and recuperative powers. Vitality. 

The clock just turned 6am, the gym is open. Somehow, I'm 44 years old.

I go to LA on Friday. It is a thing for work but I'll arrive a few days early to visit with friends. I will miss this Sunday's softball game. It is perhaps for the best. 

"I wouldn't say I've been missing it, Bob."