Saturday, September 29, 2012

"To The People That Kept Us Up All Night"

All seemed to go very well with the job interview. It felt like more of an "orientation" than an interview. The most difficult question they asked me was, "Would you like some more water?"

Either I already have the job or there would have to be a very serious accident in the netherworld before they would ever hire somebody like me. 

Who knows. Now, I just wait to find out. 

It is peculiar, what the mind does: Since the interview I have begun to isolate certain things that I said, or that they said, that have made me question and wonder. I'm doing it now. 

Still waters breed reptiles of the mind. - William Blake (approx.)

The company seems very cool. I was pleased with the overall demeanor of all the people that I met and the general social temperature in the office. It was a refreshing change from the genius bar at an Apple store. It feels like I've worked inside a microwave oven for five years.

Looking for a job is sort of fun. Perhaps one day litigation in this country will go so overboard - some would say that it already has, and long ago - that people would be able to sue companies for time spent trying to get a job with them. I mean, they are a company, and you did try... Why not, right?

You know what makes me really happy.... the future.