Thursday, September 27, 2012

"Tips and Tricks"

(the eyes of a technician)

Tomorrow I have an interview with a tech company. To give you an idea of what a nerd I am... I have been brushing up on TCP/IP, LDAP, Message Headers, Active Directory, MIME, ISP web settings, network troubleshooting, DHCP, embedding SSL certificates, and the various ways of implementing these protocols together, etc. 

Bored yet...?

I spent five years as a technician at Apple, now it would appear that it is all that I'm capable of doing. That I received a somewhat limited education in the areas listed above while at Apple doesn't help the matter much. Also, that the only other job interview I've ever been on was almost six years ago, for Apple, doesn't help matters either. You do best what you do most. These situations make me nervous. I suppose everybody must feel that way. Most everybody.

Maybe I should have set up a few practice interviews in advance of tomorrow's. Rachel and I tried but it was an unmitigated disaster. I had to let her go.

Confidence can be a very elusive thing. To possess it at one time does not necessarily mean that you will possess it at any other time, or be able to project it at any rate. I suppose that wanting the job affects how I feel about my capabilities, how I am able to present myself, or not. If only the situation were reversed and they were in the position of convincing me why I would want to work with them. How does one achieve that? It is the riddle of life, I suppose.

"So, tell us a little bit about yourself?"

"Oh, you haven't been reading my blog? I see..."