Monday, April 30, 2012

The Nanny

(Lisa, nanny)

I walked Rhys over to Lisa's house this morning, around two corners from our place.  It's his first day with his new childminder, the disciplinarian pictured above.  It's a big first day for all of us - Rachel's first day back to full time work, Lisa's first day with Rhys, and my first day alone in our house.  Some of you might ask why I'm not watching Rhys myself.  You would not ask if you have been a regular reader of this site, however.  You must be new here.  The reason is actually quite simple:  I don't know how.  I could figure it out and I'm certain that I will, soon.  But I will go back to work also, in three weeks, and we all mutually concluded that it was best to let Lisa and Rhys acclimate to one another as that arrangement best reflects our current long term plans.  

There will be plenty of time for me to acquaint myself with full-time child duties.  The boy is not even four months old yet.  Oh my, how things have changed...

I worry most about Rachel.  She has taken many big steps in the last year, one right after the other.  Such stepping must take its toll.  I can not imagine what it must be like to feed your child from your own body and then return to work full time, where you will only see the child in the mornings and evenings, and weekends.  I had a difficult enough time going back to work and the boy was just beginning to really notice me at the time.

All of that has changed.  The little guy has really warmed up.   Yesterday at Lisa and Matt's bbq he was absolutely smitten with me, couldn't seem to smile wide enough in my direction, with no shortage of smiling to go around for all.  Though in fairness, this was partially because Rachel had discovered a new way to carry him in his Baby-Bjorn, facing forwards.  The thing was designed for it but it was new to all of us, most notably Rhys, giving him a whole new way to enjoy the world, the moving vista.

There are big changes underfoot, to be sure.  I can feel them everywhere I look, and everywhere else too.  

Even poor Barkley is having to suffer the new transitions.  You can see it in his eyes.  He must have gotten used to having almost full time access to Rachel, being the mother's little helper that he is.  

(Barkley, the pensive pup)