Saturday, April 14, 2012

Moving In

The place doesn't look like this any more.  There are boxes everywhere, of course.  I snapped this picture quickly, knowing that it wouldn't look like this for very long.  It'll take weeks to sort it all out, if not longer.  It is strange to refer to a place as "home" rather than "the apartment."  I've felt myself stumble with it a few times already in conversation.  I'll adjust.

The baby grand was a gift.  There were friends of friends here who were moving a different piano in and this one needed to be moved out.  So, we became the lucky recipients of it.  I'm relieved that the boxes have dampened some of the sound.  I tried playing it yesterday after many years of not playing at all.  I'm glad nobody was around to hear it.  But it did sound nice.  Not the playing, but the instrument.  I'll adjust.

Well, I had better go. There is much to do and I also have to work again today, as I did yesterday and the day before that.  Tomorrow will be my only day off, then 4 days back on.  Tomorrow marks three years for Rachel and I.  Three married years, that is.  The full story stretches back further.  But we somehow managed a wedding, a coast to coast move, a baby, and a house in just under three years - with the clock still ticking.  I'll adjust.