Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mission Accomplished

(The Shaker and the boy)

When I said that we set out to drink wine yesterday I wasn't lying.  Other than breakfast at the Fremont Diner and dinner at home that's all we did.  Black pepper beef brisket at breakfast and grilled sea bass with vegetables for dinner.  The day was a success, though I perhaps drank too much wine.  Perhaps.  It was all good wine so I feel surprisingly well today, even though I went off to bed early and slept late.  That is the key to feeling good, eating well and getting lots of sleep. Knowing your limits.  I was slurring by the end of the night - that usually means that I am tired, very tired.  Being tired is also a limit of its own.

I have to go back to work today.  I had another one-day weekend, one that is now spent and over.  They are killing me.  It is my least favorite part of my job, competing against many other least favorite aspects.  How much longer, oh lord, how much longer....

Having a child is a novel thing.  He goes with us wherever we go.  Not even Barkley the puppy gets to do that.  Barkley notices this difference and does not seem to like it.  That used to be me, he must think.  

Our guests were the first guests we've had in our new house.  Another novelty.  It is a very different feeling to know that we own the place, that we are having guests at our home.  It's nice.  I'm starting to feel like an adult, one that knows when to go off to bed early, and sleep in late.  

Quite a novelty, that.