Saturday, May 16, 2015

Song of the Sea

Ever since purchasing this Academy Award nominee Rhys has wanted to go out on a boat. So, grand plans fell into place, though they were not meant to be. Perhaps another time, for those plans anyway. The boy and I might still go out on a boat this weekend, though it might only be something as dull as the Bay Ferry. Some time spent wandering the Ferry Building on the other side, then back again. 

Old sailors. Maybe we'll both get matching tattoos to commemorate our time on shore leave. He'd probably do it. I doubt I could stomach the wails and the tears. Mine. I am not the tattoo type.

From a very early age I read a review of Led Zeppelin by Robert Christgau from The Village Voice in which he described the drummer thusly, "… while John Bonham, as ham-handed as ever, pounds out a contrapuntal tattoo of heavy rhythm. As always, the band's medievalisms have their limits." While I never precisely wanted to be the drummer in Led Zeppelin I also realized that neither did I want a tattoo, nor its associations. That was but one of the things that clinched it.

Now that the boy and I are going out to sea I feel as if I should have the classic dual dolphins on my eyelids with my nose as the boat between them, or something. Maybe a "tramp stamp" of a torpedo heading down the crack of my butt with an additional arrow pointing downwards that says, "Exit Also…" I haven't really decided on the design yet. Maybe the torpedo should be emerging upwards from my butt crack. Across the top it could state simply, "War Head."

I still not might yet be ready to make such a permanent decision. Of all of the tattoos that my various friends have there is only one that I have ever liked. It's an Art Nouveau piece that is somehow less than repulsive as far as skin ink goes. Still, I prefer it on him. It's how some people feel about other people's kids, they like them a lot, but then they go home.

I always thought that I was one of those people. It turns out I'm not. My favorite times are when Rhys is here. It's only when he's gone that I start to really consider getting any tattoos.