Sunday, May 10, 2015

Maybe I need a puppy

There is still so much that I need to do here in this apartment. I need a lamp and dresser for my room. My clothes are in a pile, those which could not fit in the closet, from hangars. I have far more than I need, more than I would wear. I save things that are too small, dreaming that one day I will be under 200 pounds again. If I hit 50 years and still haven't accomplished that modest task then perhaps I'll rethink my motives, and the results.

50. Gross. 

Or, isn't a gross twelve dozen? So, 50 is actually 144. Grotesque. 

This morning Cato and Matt and Jordan will come over for breakfast. More eggs and bacon and perhaps a seasoned steak from the local latino meat market. I ate six pieces of bacon yesterday and five eggs, to make sure that they were acceptable for guests. Now, I will need to go and buy more. Yesterday, I was part of a one man exploratory committee. 

I did not eat all six pieces in a single sitting, nor the eggs. They were divided almost equally between breakfast and dinner. I wanted to give the day a sense of unity and near balance. 

I won. 

I was shopping for clothes on amazon last night with the help of a friend. I recognized that blue jeans might not be the thing to wear on the beach in Mexico for a wedding. I bought a few pairs of linen pants, and shorts, the colors were described as Sand and Black, day and evening wear. Now, I will need lightly colored, loosely fitting shirts. The idea is to look naturally casual, a look that I have hardly cultivated. I am a jeans and t-shirts kind of guy, solid colors.

Though, it is time for me to add some new articles to my wardrobe. Like Joni Mitchell, I should learn to make better changes and to make them more easily. A lesson not always so easily re-learned. It involves spending money and doing things differently. Seems easy enough by those standards, but then there is the execution of it. One must practice all things. There is so little time.

Ah well, that is my plan for success, anyway.

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