Thursday, May 7, 2015

Flight delays and long term parking rates

(Teddy Bear Cove)

Home again. The vacation must have done me some good. I slept in until after sunrise and awoke straight into my workday. One can too easily forget the complexities of their job. That is, until you return. I function in a reasonably highly engaged capacity most days. I like it, of course, but there is a re-acclimatizing to it that must occur. It is uphill again, at first.

I already miss the wine cellars of the north. Each day we would try tastings of different wines and watch favored or suggested films. What a charmed luxury. I could do that for months. 

I feel more relaxed now than I have in a while. A friend noticed it today when we met for lunch. I dread the idea that the anxiety might return. Ah well, what can one do if not endure. 

Nothing to say when there is so much to do.