Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sasquatch vs. Sir Gallahad

Went to the local Farmer's Market again yesterday. Not much to tell about it, except that - and this is no lie - as I was walking around hoping to keep Rhys out of the duck pond I saw a guy reading Sky Mall magazine. 

I know. It seems impossible, and I'm still struggling with it, but I am certain of the fact. He was actually marking items, I'm assuming for possible purchase. I was deeply perplexed, as I'm sure you are now.

I really never imagined that anybody would look at that magazine unless they were trapped on a plane with it for many lost hours. Even then it is to be looked at only in disbelief, with an eye for comedy. Seeing somebody look at it in the park was inexplicable. I thought that the paper they're printed on could only survive in the special atmosphere of a plane, that it thrived in an oxygen deprived environment. 

Then I remembered, that once when looking at one, there was a note encouraging the viewer to take it home, that they were invited to keep the thing. 

I never dreamed that somebody would actually do it. 

If anybody is genuinely interested in buying a life-size statue of a medieval coat of armor then please let me know, I can get you much better prices.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, says that you are a person of serious culture like having one of those standing in the foyer to your castle.

Well, there is one thing....

"Ever wonder where those strange noises in your garden come from?"