Monday, May 27, 2013

Radio Flyer

A reader here had the insight to point out to me yesterday that my site has become too masturbatory. My suspicion is that lines like this, "... as you stroke upwards along the shaft and towards the head" may have clued them in to my naughty secret. 

Ah well, what is a personal site if not masturbatory. To sit every morning and write one's private thoughts for unknown others to read, it is all a silliness without end. There are even some posts that I look back on with surprise. It's like being caught in the bathroom by somebody else's mom. I didn't bother responding to them that it is when I am genuinely trying to write well that the site becomes its most masturbatory, because I suspect that this reader wants more of that and less of the other. 

... and Oh, how I hate to disappoint.

Yesterday, we did what Americans should do on Memorial Day Sunday, we drank beer and watched the Indy 500, or parts of it anyway. They were not showing the broadcast online but we found a radio stream, and then I was able to find a selection of car-cams, Marco Andretti being our favorite. So it was a unique way of watching a race, something I don't often do. There was a delay on the radio broadcast for some reason, so there was an odd experience of disconnected time involved in the viewing. 

If you want to become more aware of Time's precious passing then try the Nordic Track elliptical machine on level 15 for 30 minutes. It is a modern self-abuse device that is designed to cause time to cease from passing. It is excruciatingly painful to watch each second stretch out and away from you, taking your breath with it. Eventually the clock on the thing just stops working altogether and you are alone in your own desperate head with only the decaying sound of your once pounding heart to remind you. 

I don't know why I do it to myself, except for the good feeling I get when it's all over, to still be alive, etc. I bring myself to the verge of a coronary event about five times a week. They should change the name of that cursed machine to "The Event Horizon."

I am relieved that the gym is closed today.

Today we go to buy Rhys his first tricycle. 

The last time that America declared war was June 5th, 1942.