Monday, May 20, 2013


I have been sitting here staring at the internet rather than writing. I woke late, no gym this morning, maybe later. I must make another big push soon and try to lose another 10 pounds. Not only have my weight loss efforts leveled out, they have started moving in the wrong direction again. It is the drinking. No matter how strict I am with my diet and exercise I tend to notice the greatest gains in fitness and weight loss when I strictly limit the drinking, or abandon it altogether.

The problem with complete sobriety is obvious. I tend towards boredom, and that is dangerous. The idea is to cultivate moderation, even in danger. It is not easy, but neither is occasional drunkenness. Who would be making these mistakes if not me? Somebody else would be getting all the credit for them.

I drank yesterday for the latter half of the day. We had friends over and made seafood and listened to Van Morrison. It was pleasant and the food was good. I ate all that I could, and matched that intake with drinking.

Now, the lethargy. The strong desire to just go back to bed. 

But there are problems to be solved. I am needed, somewhere out there in the imaginary.

A few coffees from now and it will seem as if today really is a new day.