Monday, January 2, 2012

The Wolf Moon

(the offending pic that I couldn't use yesterday)

I must have gotten too much sleep last night.  I'm walking around in a dull haze today, listless.  Nothing to report.  The pregnancy is still at T-minus x hours and y minutes. Nobody knows.  I tried the nipple stimulation technique myself and don't think it's going to be of much use.  I felt nothing, beyond my nipples, that is.  A light sort of tingling in the area but no labor contractions.  Who knows.  I'm not a scientist, even if I have already single-handedly debunked the CERN neutrino experiments.  Labor is like the Higgs Boson particle to me: mysterious and as yet, theoretical.

Ok, let me start over.

Having a car has made listening to music a novel experience again.  There really is something to be said for blasting music while careening along, unimpeded by those who choose to drive at, or under, the speed limit. 

Rachel and I had a slight scare the other day. She asked me about the speeding ticket I got, reminding me that she thought that there was a court date listed on the thing.  We had yet to receive the paperwork letting us know how much the ticket would be. Apparently they use a somewhat arbitrary scale for fines when it comes to collecting on infractions.  

So, I glanced at the ticket and realized that I had missed my court date . It was that morning at 8am in the courthouse in San Rafael.  I let Rachel know that a bench-warrant had been issued for my arrest and that it's probably best to avoid the police until after the baby is born.

She panicked.  I could see her body flood with hormones.  It was like watching the full moon transformation in "An American Werewolf in London."  But instead of her being a werewolf she became a she-wolf of pregnant fears. The idea that our baby would be birthed while I was relaxing in jail was too much for her.  

Ok, I should stop.  Yesterday she somehow detected that I had mentioned concealing something from her on the site so now she might be reading them again.  We should all be very, very careful.  I posted the disallowed picture from yesterday above, we'll see how long that lasts...  Her senses are shewolf sharp right now...

Ok, one last time.  If I don't get it right this time then I'll give up for the day, I promise.  

Without pregnancy, neutrinos and the long arm of werewolf law I don't quite know what to talk about.

Let's see.  How about... the occupy movement.

Nope, I surrender this day to the moon's many unoccupied moods.  

Oh yeah, on the 8th it will be the full Wolf moon.  

You heard it here first, shape shifters...