Friday, January 20, 2012

Take a Chance on Me

Barkley is going through a phase of psychological re-adjustment.  It is a difficult thing to witness. He is trying to accept the new family member but he doesn't seem completely convinced yet.  

I have applied healing pebbles to his little chakras, but alas, no luck yet...

To wit, I am currently engaged in a duel to the death in the comments section over at Selavy.  Apparently my chakras have sustained some magic crystal killing energy and only a little Abba Cadaver will heal them.  It is a delicate combination of magic runes being placed painstakingly on my chakras while the wonderful music of Abba, the Swedish pop supergroup, rises up through my root chakra towards either my crown or tiara potency points.  It's not exactly "rock-power" but it is not too far off from being dueling death disco-dominion.  I should survive.  If I get into any more trouble with karmic energy loss then I might have to fall back on Hokum Poker, a high stakes table where I can either hope to win back all of my lost energies or possibly die in the dungeons with the unfortunate polyhedral roll of a Ravenloft wizard....

Aren't  people silly.  

I understand that there are those out there who genuinely believe that rocks carry healing powers.  But the idea that by placing them on somebody you can hope to magically recover some of their lost life-essence is absurd.  It's witchcraft without witches.  Also, let's not forget that Christ commanded, "Whoever among you who has not sinned then cast the first stone.".... and that was only in defense of a mere vixen, and He the original Luke Skywalker.  

I fail to understand why there can't just be one final showdown between the Christians and the Jedis for complete and total galaxy domination, including middle-earth, Narnia and Neverland.  Somebody should approach the Trekkies and see if they'd host such a thing at one of their conventions. They have galaxy security pretty much on lock-down.  I mean, who else would you ask?

My god, would they have my attention then.