Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Last of the Late: "Enjoy every sandwich..."

Here is a piece filled with great anecdotes concerning one person's experience working for David Letterman. The Madonna interviews get me every time. What a fantastic time for chatting. 

Lots of people don't like Jimmy Fallon, and certainly you wouldn't if you compared him to Dave Letterman, but he's an affable enough fellow and he exploits that one quality to his great advantage. It seems that his guests like him well enough. One was given a very different feeling from Letterman, even with the guests that he clearly liked. It was not just his inability to be in awe of them, it was their inability to stop him from expressing that lack of awe.

Few things were as entertaining as watching him effortlessly deflate the pompous.  In my younger years he was a God. His shows in the 80's and early 90's were a nightly template on how to be, how to think, and how to speak. I can watch that Paris Hilton clip about once a month and still derive pleasure from it. When he gets to the point where he says, "You see, that's where you and I differ…" Now that was just a hint of the old Dave

Even though Paris is clearly irritated (watch her leg), he somehow calms her down and finishes the interview quite amicably. Few can do such a thing. With most, there is a clear departure point where the host silently apologizes in transition for ever having made the guest uncomfortable by completely changing the subject and "moving on." Dave knows exactly how to leave his version of the conversation lingering in such a way that it can not be removed by anybody, and not by any change in conversation.

Another one with a few laughs, even touching. It's true, but I didn't mean it.

The times have certainly changed. It's difficult to imagine that we will see another like him. Consider any talk show host having Don Van Vliet as the musical guest for a nationally broadcast show, now... Van Vliet has since passed away, but you get the idea. Nobody is willing any longer to entertain things for the sole sake of their weirdness, and the value of that weirdness. 

Warren Zevon would often take over as the show's musical coordinator for Paul Schaffer. That linked clip is one of the few in which Dave is in genuine awe. He dedicates the entire show to the man as everybody strongly suspected that he was going to soon pass, which he did. 

"Dave's the best friend that my music has ever had."

A friend just (coincidentally) emailed, letting me know that tonight is his last show. I didn't even know. I'll have the boy tonight, so I doubt I'll be able to watch. He reminded me that I once claimed that David Letterman (and Hunter S. Thompson) invented the way that we now speak (particularly at after-parties, as my friend reminded).  

It is nearly impossible to imagine people talking the way that they do now without him. 

Things being true, but not meaning it.



  1. Me too. Re: David back in the day. That Zevon episode was a tribute unlike any I've seen since.

    I wrote an email to the guy I loved more than his best friend (who is now in New Mexico somewhere and was a great kisser as previously noted over at CS's place).

    I wrote I was thinking of him as Mr. Letterman was signing off - remembering fondly the debauchery we engaged in to the glow of David Letterman.

    To my surprise he responded almost immediately -- saying HE was surprised to hear I was thinking of him and wrote "I probably remember more of those nights than I should."

    I'm not quite sure what that means "more than I should."

    He then followed up with some cutting, bordering on mean message - as he has been wont to do throughout our entire relationship. He'd never do that to his wife, I'm sure.

    Do your best to get CS back online so you are not subject to the blather.

  2. Each time that I am forced to go back and look at one of my posts - usually because you (Lisa) have made some obtuse comment, and for whatever reason I am trying to understand precisely just what the fuck you might mean, for reasons that still and probably always will escape me - I am left disappointed. Not at you, but at my post. I don't understand why anybody reads here any more. It's like seeing the first drafts of things that never quite made it to a second day of editing. It angers me, a little bit. The writing is forced (or worse), the observations are trite, the rhythm is ugly.

    It's like a botched rape by Sylvester Stallone. If not "by him" then produced and directed, and probably financed also, by and for him, and old version of him. It's just an ugliness that can't save itself, can't hide itself, and yet it insists on hurting others by its own existence, its own presence, even though it knows that it is wrong and tried to hide.

    There is no now cure for its philia.

    If our justice system is based on the idea of "peers" then anybody found to have been reading this site for any length of time would be disqualified from ever participating in that process again. I would take away their driver's licenses also. I'd tax them more heavily, though without them ever really noticing, through their cell phone and internet bills.

    If I had my way, then I would be able to revoke anybody's fishing license, on the spot, no questions asked. A real license to trout.

    For anybody that wasn't paying attention... I wrote a phrase earlier that phonetically sounds: "Butt, at my post."

    See what I mean?

  3. What the fuck am I even talking about any more?


  4. Well. I've thought about how to respond...

    obtuse is defined as stupid and insensitive, slow witted, ignorant , thick, dopey, annoyingly insensitive actually, also chowder-headed.

    So I thought maybe I would just move along. But of course, it's a holiday weekend and hopefully you are totally enjoying your getaway -- and I've just danced around cleaning to this:

    Madonna. Close to my heart. I danced with her at Danceteria way back when when I was 16 & 17 sneaking into NYC nearly every weekend.

    and so I'm happy and felt I should just drop something positive.

    I feel the same way reading my comments. What an ass I am but it is always a personal mostly right of the cuff response. I think they are 100% understandable - but then again I believe my poems are that way.

    90% of the time, I've just finished smoking a half a joint and sitting around after a really, long day of hard work and client bullshit -- or I've moved ten to 20 pieces of furniture around someone's house in order to get it ready for an estate sale and shit, I'm just relaxing. Seeking out a bit of entertainment and communion with people that isn't stupid reality TV but a bit more elevated.

    It's an accomplishment to write everyday. I've been told by every "professional" that I should write everyday. I don't. And never will probably. I am embarrassed to do it. You and CS hang something out every day and shit it can't be brilliant every time.

    I read because that's what I do. Most of my life is total chaos. So to have a few things that are "routine" makes me believe I have some order in my life. Even if it is as small as walking the dogs every morning and reading a couple of blogs.

    CS became part of that routine and because of his posts -- your blog was added on.

    So. while I may be alien -- "I mean you no harm Jenny Hayden."

    That's all & Peace.

  5. I thought obtuse meant "difficult to decipher." I have since looked it up and you are far more correct. My apologies, that's not what I meant at all