Monday, August 1, 2016


Sunday, the boy started riding his bike. We put the pedals on, guided him a bit, then he was off and cruising. He never took a fall. A little shaky here and there, of course, but he has the basic rhythm of it bested. Within a matter of minutes he was doing circles in the parking lot. 

Too excited to even take a good picture of him, as if Christmas arrived in July, I fumbled with the joy of it all. The light was bad for photography, anyway. It was end-of-days hot and bright here through the weekend, like pages out of Revelations. 

I went bike riding yesterday, also. Two separate rides totaling about 60 miles. It will not be my ride that is remembered from yesterday, I would guess. Mine was meant to be more therapeutic in nature, though his was far more successful in that same regard. 

Classic image of a dad, I - proud as light, smiling like the sun.