Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Atlas, holding up the skies

I'm not domestic. I can't seem to do it right, or often, or well enough. Somehow, I left my freezer door open again last night. Well, that's not accurate. A frozen bag of food fell out onto the floor and pushed the door open, where the door then remained open all night. Wide open. All of the food inside had thawed, of course. Again, hundreds of dollars thrown out the window. Worse than thrown out the window, still inside the freezer, where now I will need to throw it all out. On top of losing, now I also have a few chores to complete. 

I just can't seem to get it right. I'm considering putting a deadbolt on the fucking thing, or just super gluing the door shut. Maybe a well-placed bungie cord is needed here. I was doing so much better when I was just buying meals at places where meals are made. You know, restaurants. I never had these problems when I went to restaurants. They seem to understand how freezers work.

It's all stressful, then there all of the rest of life and living to contend with.

I found a new ride, a real heart burster. Sometimes it feels as if my legs start way up in my chest, pulling the precious resources away from my brain. The ride ended halfway up a road to the west, near the top of Sonoma Mountain. I am trying to find a back road or path over to Petaluma, the next valley over where there is the wide river that leads to the bay. 

I first rode up the mountains on the east into Napa county, then down and across the valley floor, through the weekly farmer's market at the square, then most of the way up into the mountains on the west, and off into the sun. 

I call them mountains, they are really just friendly hills. Friendly, until you try peddling up them. I made it most of the way to the sun, but couldn't go any further. Few things excite me more than defeat does right now. It's like hitting a triple in the 9th inning, then the other team getting the third out while you're standing there, 90 feet from scoring. 

You can not wait to play that same team again.

I have included the route below, sort of. They are the loop roads that are farthest left and farthest right in the image, for those of who like to look at maps and to think of me.