Friday, March 4, 2016

"Satellite's gone up to the skies..."

Well, the boy and I made it to LA. I picked him up early from school and off we went, beating the Oakland commuter traffic just barely and ending up south of the Bay Area before things got hairy with the congestion of the commonplace.

That is my traffic update for the day. The weather here in LA is overcast.

Now, the boy and I sit here at my friends' house, me typing on the computer, he playing with magnetic tiles and Batman action figures on the floor. We will go to the LACMA today, though I do not believe that we'll be able to see the Rain Room, the installation that has everyone talking about the rain.

Recently, a friend sent me a link to an article from Time Out magazine that ostensibly catalogues the 28 best techno tracks of all time. We were honored to be included on the list. It is a small thing, but it made me feel very proud, that something we did so many years ago, almost 20 now, is still regarded as worthy of consideration. 

Life is a series of little victories and defeats. Some, not so little.