Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Good Hustle

This fellow was here this morning as I went to make coffee at work. I thought it was funny, because it looked photo-shopped into reality. That picture is right out of the camera-phone. This is where I drink coffee and peer into the refrigerator, wondering what will satisfy me.

My glasses are gone. I am not the type to lose things by chance. I destroy things, which is one way of losing them, but I know where they were.

I know why I lost them. I have been sleeping better, but it has made me slightly more distracted. I suppose that there is almost always a trade-off in life. It's rare that you get something without giving something else up.

I tried to buy a camera that I thought would make me happy, but my happiness exists in an ever decreasing space. Now, I must either back out of the purchase or buy the nicer model. Adequacy no longer has meaning for me. I have nearly ruined another love in my life simply by not allowing myself to afford it. I won't be happy until I am destitute. 

A reader here complimented me on my blog yesterday. With my characteristic bashfulness I tried to accept the compliment as graciously as possible, pointing out that it's a lot of silliness also, among other things. 

The response was perfect: Good Hustle (smily emoticon).