Sunday, March 6, 2016

I renounce Soju

Last night, a dinner at a Korean bbq place. It was fantastic, loads of different dishes, grilled meat which I almost tried to eat "tartare." Many bottles of Soju, Korea's version of distilled evil. I committed my undying love to my friend's girlfriend, I think. I encouraged her to run away with me to the Casbah, but things did not work out as I had hoped and my friend returned from the bathroom before I was able to construct an adequate abduction plan. 

I awoke in the middle of the night, renouncing Satan, the great tempter. I went back to sleep for a bit and when I awoke the second time I had softened my damnation of the hideous seducer. By this afternoon perhaps we will have made a complete reconciliation and be great friends once again.

At dinner, my returned expatriate friend encouraged me to "microdose" with some chocolate concoction. I have been told that it is the new super-health, though it did not seem to counteract the tremendous liquid evil of the mighty serpentess Soju.

Such is the sinister sinuousness of seductive evil.