Sunday, January 10, 2016


(Nikkor 17mm f2.8 ISO 3200, D700)

I am itching to buy a new camera and, once again, Nikon has produced one that is almost right. They have announced the successor to the D300S, the D500, though like the previous camera it has a crop-frame sensor. Everything about it would pretty much be perfect otherwise. 

They have yet to create a true successor to the D700. The D750 is only a slightly souped up D600, neither of which is truly a pro-level camera, and the D810's megapixel  count has simply gone way too high for my purposes, though most would consider the 800/810 the camera of choice. The newly announced D5 seems like the best option for me if I'm going to stick with Nikon, though the price is preventative, $6500. It does not make sense for an unpaid amateur, but what of my life makes any sense as it is. If I abandon Nikon and jump ship to Sony then I have a lot of Nikon lenses to sell, some of which I do not wish to get rid of. The 85mm f1.4 D and the 135mm f2 DC most of all, though I have grown to like my 17-35mm f2.8 D. 

Well, today is the boy's birthday party at Rebounderz, the place is filled with trampolines and pits of foam cubes to jump into. The boy loves it, and I would as well if I were anywhere near his age. They serve pizza and hot dogs and all things designed to create healthy young children with a lust for fitness.

I should go and prepare for the day, check my camera batteries and decide which lenses will be best for action and candid portraits. I'll take hundreds of shots and only be happy with one or two.

You, dear and faithful readers, participants in the captured fragments of my life, will almost be the first to know.

(Nikkor 50mm f2 ISO 800, D700)