Saturday, January 16, 2016

Another deluge

I tried to go back to a hard fought sleep, but the boy was ready this morning to watch a dvd he had been given for Christmas. Looney Tunes. The classic soundtrack marching in from the living room to the bedroom was sleep preventative. 

Then, his mother started texting, in Spanish. 

As a result of my delirium late last night I decided upon a camera purchase. B and H photo was closed for Shabbat, which was also preventative. I have plans to call as soon as they are open for business, which I guess will be tomorrow. I want to try to bargain with them. They love this and are very good and generous at it. It is the place where I have bought all of my lenses and most of my cameras. It is always fun to get them to give in a little bit from their published price and to negotiate with them to commit to two-day shipping. They have my purchase records right in front of them so they know my habits and history, and they love the bargaining process that I offer.

It's fun. They must find my goy-ish ways charmingly naive. After any impasse I tell them to think about it and give me a call back. They always do, though they do not always give me what I wish for, but they always concede something.

There are days that I feel we could resolve the settlement and statehood crises. I am sure that they would agree, though for now we have limited our relationship to camera sales.

I sit here now listening to Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver. The rainy night has given way to a rainy morning. A mist hangs below the hemisphere of diffused grey. That and the music makes me wish to walk out amidst it and then disappear. I have grown weary of the drizzle. I am tussling with sentiments as clothes that no longer fit, or perhaps never did.

I don't know why I can't seem to cloister myself against the deluge, safe from the showers of indifference or worse. I scrap with meanings that do not matter, covered by a coat that traps as much rains as it resists.