Sunday, January 17, 2016

Nikon D810

Well, I finally made the leap to a new camera body. I have been shooting on a hideously older model, though I have grown to love it and it is my primary camera. In fact, even when the camera shop offered to buy it back from me I politely declined. It is nice to have a backup, or one that you're willing to take to the beach, to roll around in the water with, to chuck into an active volcano when the gods require some appeasing.

A junker.

The new lens that I've been using has had me trying to frame my subjects entirely within their environment, fewer heads filling the frame with eyes ablaze in sharp focus and a bokeh background…. though in truth portrait shots are my favorite.

I will tire soon enough of the super wide angle shots that are borderline fish-eye and start using the 35mm portion of the zoom more as I go. Then, I'll wonder why I'm using my Nikon for such shots when I prefer the glass on the Fuji X100S. 

Such is the hobbyist, satiation is ever temporary.