Tuesday, November 3, 2015

"… to you it's Thanksgiving, to me it's Thursday"

I went back to the gym yesterday after many lost months; cardio and some circuit weights. Forty-seven minutes, to match my newly acquired age. I pushed, but I did not suffer much for the pushing. 

I awoke tender in the morning.

I was searching for the elusive eye of the liger, like Rocky's lazy one. Some do not know or care that the left side of his face is melting because of an accident at birth, a simple mistake which left him partially paralyzed. But he overcame all of those obstacles and found a way to be sued by his maids and the hotels that he is a patron of for having a runaway feces obsession.

Crazy ol' Sly…. The hired help will always try to get your money when your middle name is Garbanzo.

I intend to go to the gym again today after work. I am desperate to rekindle my former habits, and dispense of my present ones. Though, after a conversation with CS this morning I think that I will focus more on cardio than I had been. I am getting to the age where I can start to hurt myself my trying to maintain the weights as I have in the past. I am trying to learn from his mistakes, since he patently refuses to learn from mine.