Friday, March 2, 2012

Slim width claim

(artist, q6 / photographer, q6)

Ok, I've been duped again.  Selavy is the blog that cries wolf.  I'm starting to think that she's like one of those girls in high school that suggests they might have anorexia. Or, worse, one that goes for the more obscure ailment and quietly claims to be "bulimic" in hushed lunchtime tones.  This is not to say that Selavy is not a woman with serious eating problems.  It is to say that she is what is known as the perpetual damsel in distress.  In less polite circles we'd just refer to her as dramatic.  In others, something much worse.  

But artists are not to be held to the same standards by which we judge our pizza-makers.  We must hold them to a different standard, or none at all, for their creativity to march forth unimpeded.  The lesson learned from her post today is not that there is no end to worry, just that it is perhaps wasted on her.  Also, the wall fell due to gravity and pressure from the weight of the back yard, not the lack of worry.  That much seems evident to all but the most whimsical of thinkers.  She sure is queerly capricious these days.  

I am, of course, relieved that Selavy will not lose my inheritance.  I know that I don't always reflect this, but it matters to me, truly.  I have been running "the long con" on her for almost 30 years now.  I'd prefer if she didn't screw it all up in the 11th hour with incompetence, or worse, to a younger grifter.  

I do feel gypped out of some sincere condescension though.  I was planning all sorts of lectures for her about reckless behavior and the need for contraceptive health care.  If she's not going to learn these lessons from me, then who?  I still remember when I showed her how to put a tampon in.  I saved the diagram that I used to avoid having to give a more demonstrative explanation.  

It hovers above, reflecting her fallen walls of worry.