Monday, January 24, 2011

Square One, Chakra-ing

I had two beers last night.  That makes it official. The detox is over.  No more talk of carrots and juicing, lemon enemas, and late night illicit blood infusions.

I found this little tidbit, among many others, on an alt.medicine page:

"Some private labs, such as Great Smokies Diagnostics Labs, offer tests that assess urine, stools, blood and liver function.  These tests are not standard medical tests and many medical doctors do not recognize them or consider them valid." ("stools" is not my typo... nor are any of the s's in the name of the laboratory)

I was astonished to find that many alternative medicine sites measure the validity of what they do by how much it is NOT recognized by medical professionals, those who have dedicated their lives to the study of health, wellness and treatment... doctors, scientists, etc...  The seeming assertion that all of western medicine is evil, and that the truest measure of the value of what they are doing as an alternative to science is the level at which they are dismissed, struck me as funny, odd.

I have always looked for guidance and information from my yoga class when it comes to life threatening illnesses.  If I can't make it to a yoga class when I'm having a seizure I try to swing by and have my palm read by an ordained psychic.

I have heard some say that western doctors are eager to chop parts of your body off, like when they find cancer there, and how brutal and misguided this approach is.  These holy-istic souls would prefer to apply a generous offering of life crystals to the afflicted area to help let the negative energies flow out from the body and for the cancer to change its aromatherapy lifepath.

Well, yes, of course.  As long as the cancer doesn't try to hide from all of that positivity somewhere in the blood stream.

I am just kidding again, of course.  People show concern in different ways, and with different beliefs about wellness, and vastly different levels of experience and research.  So, the idea has always been to believe that you will be healthy. That is an important thing, faith.

I have faith that some toxins left my body in the last 7 days.  Lazarus, come forth....

From what I understand, China reports that all incidents of cancer have been resolved by ancient herbs.  Again, I kid.  I am just biofeedbacking.

I was talking with my wife last night and she was relaying to me that I believe that Christ is the son of God, and I myself am actually a Christian.  I said, no..., that I often play the devil's advocate and will assume the position of a Christian to battle liberal ideology, or infidels in the promised land, but that I am not actually a Christian, I am merely showing how offensive certain aspects of equality and liberalism can be to one who has a cherished belief system.  She said that I had better let our friends know then, because she believes that they believe that I believe....  

I was raised as a Christian, mostly.  My mother threw an always generous portion of whatever else had seized her interest for that month into my religious education as well.  Always denouncing evil. Vaguely accepting any number of other theories or belief systems... from metaphysics to what I called the out-of-your-mind-experiences. Which could range anywhere from witches to levitation to telekinesis and beyond.

They were interesting times.  We were never in need of any extra mysteries or science...