Sunday, January 9, 2011

Days pass with little notice

Days pass with little notice.  I awake and am sometimes covered in sweat, sometimes freezing, unable to get enough cover on top of me, as if a near window has been left completely open to the winter.  All of life becomes just an awakening and then a drifting back towards sleep, ever returning.  I begin to watch a movie. I awake and the movie is over, the house empty, a few hours has passed, at other times only a few minutes has passed, over and over only a few minutes has passed again, as if none have passed at all.  I have slept all day, making it nearly impossible to sleep all night. So I awake and then drift off again, ever and ever, never knowing what state I will emerge in, wet with fevered sweat, or freezing from same, or was I ever sleeping at all.