Monday, January 3, 2011


The virus has subsided for now. I am back to work and preparing for the winter of the new year.  There is still much to learn with the new camera.  I am too busy for any of that, but I try to pick things up as I go, hopefully learning by my mistakes and trying to reproduce whatever successes I luck upon.

I went to visit a friend in the hospital this morning. He has gotten a shiny new steel ankle and they are waiting to see if an infection will prevent it from being useful, or if they will have to remove the new ankle and replace it with Bondo putty.   I am trying to get him a deal with the 3M corporation as a spokesmen and sponsor, a NYC correspondent and internet branding consultant.

He is in traction at the hospital around the corner and has softened his mind with internet pornography for far too long. So I dropped off a book about the best films ever made, to try to elevate his tastes and put his Netflix account to good use, keep him from going blind, etc.  He is a good guy and must be looked after sometimes in this regard.

I warned him never to watch "Old Yeller"... All movies about dogs will make you cry.

Those monsters over at Disney released that film on Christmas day, 1957.  What assholes....

Ok, nothing much to say here today. I'll leave you with this contemplative picture of the churchyard on Broadway and 10th St.  It has a very Omen-esque vibe to it, minus the priest being impaled, of course.

Interesting plot inversion, that... a Catholic priest being impaled at the will of an evil child.

A twist, one might say....