Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 7

I am toxin free.  I can feel it. The purity of my precious bodily fluids has finally been restored, I am free of all foreign substances.  My clarity of mind has returned. I am able to remember long strings of alpha-numeric digits, hexadecimal codes, etc...  Last night I was doing long division in my sleep, during a lull in an otherwise exciting dream...  A particularly difficult quadratic equation woke me up...

No, not actually, but I did have a beer last night.  It was delicious. I don't know how much this will pollute my efforts, but whatever the cost, it was worth it.  I have to work all weekend and I just got sick of abstaining.  I don't think one beer qualifies as "toxic" anyway, right?

... --- ...

During the dream that I had last night. Not the one that was interrupted by long division, but yet another one.  I was talking to a vision version of my wife, I think. We were languidly reclining on a couch together, I think there were other people around, the sun was coming up.  She was talking about sexual dreams:

I inquired, "Well, who do you think about when you're masturbating?"

"I think about you, Sean..."

"That's absurd.  I don't even think about me when I'm masturbating, engaging in the hand-made evil, the oldest confession."

I awoke with a startle: the bespoke evil, immaculate preconceptions.  I had it there in my hand, my head, a phrase that could not get away.  I mashed it around there in my mind, and slept.  It was sure to be gone by morning.

I've warned you about the dreams of others.

(here stand the whitest indians ever...)