Sunday, January 9, 2011


Each winter I suffer the same way.  There is just sickness and work orbiting one another for a season.  Last winter I was reduced nearly to tears each week.  My weekend would arrive and I could feel the sickness creeping into my body.  I would spend my entire weekend in bed, only resting enough to make it to work when the weekend was over.  Throughout the week I would intermittently feel better but the work week would deplete me so much that by the following weekend I would be sick again.  Over and over for an entire season. That, and being trapped inside by the cold and snow, is enough to drive anybody out of their mind.

But then spring eventually arrives and we convince ourselves that we love living in New York once again.

I have to return to work today.  I am not looking forward to it.  My body has not healed enough. I have a fever running through me.  It is freezing outside.

Nyquil was ineffective last night.

Phlegm is a funny looking word.