Friday, January 14, 2011

Crosstown Traffic

I walked around New York today hoping to find some inspiration, something to take pictures of, something to write about, a beer to drink, anything.  I didn't find much of any of that.  I found some traffic signs.  It is too cold to walk around comfortably for very long, especially when trying to have your hands free to take pictures.   I like the crispness in the air and some of the black and white photos I took came out okay because they seem to simplify some of the New York noise, and they have more of a timeless appearance.  But somehow these two pictures seemed to embody how I feel more than the black and white ones do right now.  There is only so much complaining you can do before you start to sound like Travis Bickle.

Tonight I will lie in bed and read ("To The Lighthouse"), drink a glass of wine or two, perhaps go out and take some pictures while the sun is setting, maybe go up on the roof and set up a tripod, try to ignore the world below, just admire the sky above.

A full moon is coming, tomorrow is the waxing gibbous moon.  A lovely thing to see crossing the sky.