Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 3

Getting healthy is no fun. The first few days go very slow.  I expect a surge of energy sometime later today or tomorrow, though perhaps not enough for me to register myself in the NYC Marathon again. I've been sore since I jogged a single mile the day before yesterday, on a treadmill.  I wonder if it is all worth it.  I wonder if I will ever go back and read this post.

I sat around the apartment all day yesterday doing nothing, the same as I did the day before.  There are 20 emails I've been meaning to write or respond to, none of which will happen anytime soon.  I have learned a very valuable lesson from MLK, one that I've learned before, one that I will hopefully remember next time:  stop talking before you run out of ideas, not after.

I am tempted by argument and rhetoric, though it makes me very self-conscious, a feeling I hardly care for.

I haven't taken a picture with my camera in days.  I had meant to spend some time experimenting with lights while I was at home but the days came and went, two of them floated by, untouchable and rapidly gaining distance.