Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Wealth Of Patrons

My anarchist friends have turned against me

Authority: being a parent, I guess - one who believes in, or enjoys, parenting.

The Power: they refuse to recognize me as a political entity any longer. 

Enemies deprive you first of voice, then the vote. 

Well, that's in response to my old grenade thrower buddy.

He'll understand.

His name is Adam's Apple.

I never meant to make any sense, or mount any coherent arguments, but I'm glad somebody out there still has the eggs to disagree with me. 

Dada was a reaction to the horrors of WWI. 

We have a similar thing happening now in the social media. Can any other than the artists see it? 

There is wholesale rejection of empirical data as being an untrustworthy byproduct of capitalism. It is absurdist, and few could disagree. Few would.

The scope is too wide to be focused, the crowd for it everywhere. Rather than simply sipping along in the Cabaret V the new resistance is structured around the absurdity of reporting, in degrees beyond the absurdities of reason, the aesthetics of late capitalism.

So be it. Who am I to argue with my own privilege? I have out-argued my best instincts, and have raped their fruits all along the millennia of mankind, when I should have been a victim. 

If nonsense be, then nonsensical are we, am I. 

My suspicions are that the accomplishments of the 20th century - scientific process, constitutional government, democracy, human rights - might stand. They very well might seem wobbly and uncertain, while the derision of them in the 21st century might be seen as misplaced folly, a denial of the advancement of certainties into the whirlpool of faith.  

You had the self-correcting tools, but you became very suspicious of them because, you know: white dudes.

Ok, good luck with your unrestrained revolution in equilibrilizing power. Let us know who deserves it, and why.

The oppressed are always right.  

I think you'll find that hierarchical patterns emerged over millennia, and women held the unusual position of selection in the structure of it. Choosing sexual partners for a million years based on physical strength has its feminist limitations.

Don't ever let that confuse your ideologies. 

I don't mean pissed off females.

I mean the {subset of [all] women}.

It takes faith to think that all people are equal. It takes morals to treat them as being so. The first is attacked long before it gets out of the gate, the other is as subjective as the personal weaknesses that we are all forced to recognize and endure.

That's just me. I prefer opinions being personal conversation points, and the supremacy of untested social theories to be left for clinical trials. 

The idea was that good ideas would flourish in the same way that products did. The open market would best know what it needed - a pyramid of tested purchase power.  

The invisible hand of the market promised. 

I have heard many, many claims from the feminist-left, but not one woman has stepped out in support of male masturbation as a possible tincture against unwanted contact. If women recoil at male masturbation then expect us to adore the horrors of pregnancy, then what?


I'm told menstruation is perfectly normal, science has assured me that it is. 

But still, I wonder amidst the furosity.