Saturday, December 2, 2017

The childless will of course burn in hell

(A few seconds before happiness)

There used to be a variety of solutions to the question of how one should live their life as an American, now there is only one: be very rich. Or rather: don't be poor. Being poor is bad, being rich is much better. I can see that now. Our politicians have shown me the error of my previous ways. I wanted to live a Bohemian life, but something interrupted an otherwise perfect plan.

Today, CS attacks the smugness of parents with dismissiveness and a questionable set of statistics. He does not seem to understand how being openly dismissive towards having children rubs some people the wrong way. Not me, but as a liberal I do so love to take up other people's arguments for them.

CS is one of those people that will be forced to go through life not knowing what all parents know. The sacred truths will not be revealed to him. He will try to find refuge in art, but it can not shield him from the burning eyes of the Lord.

There is a knowledge one gains by certain types of experience - it can not be gained by observation alone. As a scientist he knows this, but yet he refuses to honor the beautiful spiritual truth that is procreation, the full fruition of romantic love that blossoms between a man and a woman, or the clinical process that results in same.

True Romantic/romantic love can not possibly be understood to completion without it resulting in pregnancy. Each additional pregnancy doubles this understanding, without any end to the exponential rewards.

As an example of this divine knowledge: Would a childless person know why it is important to have life insurance?

See what I mean?

People of all kinds are assholes, and parenting is a graceless endeavor. Nobody wants a smart ass around while you're struggling with it, mocking the difficulties. There are rewards, and they can not be enjoyed to the same degree as an observer. There are also struggles that do not ever seem to disappear, and those can hardly be shared with observers.

Parenting is not for everybody. It should only be for the well insured.