Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Captain's Log, Stardate December 26, 2017

Christmas with kids is a lot of fun. I'll admit it, I'm a sucker for simple happiness. Yesterday, the boy was in kid paradise. He was tearing through his new toys, trying them out for feel and function. One of the gifts he received was a science kit and a laboratory coat, so he was making all manner of bubbling concoctions, colored water overflowing everywhere. Just the way a five year old should be. 

I had opted to work from home, which I often do on holidays, a small gesture of helpful commitment. There is usually very little to do. Not yesterday. From the precise moment that we were done unwrapping presents there was an alert that I checked into. Then the rest of the day was spent trying to communicate to one party while trying to gather information from another. Ah well. What should have been a relaxing day of quietude was spent somewhat frantic and stressed. What can be done. Not every customer is American, and issues don't disappear because we collectively believe in the supernatural powers of Santa Claus.

Kids believe, though. It is of course stupid and cruel to misguide children in matters of faith this way, but it's so much fun to see the look of wonder and near solemnity they have towards the plump yearly deity. 

On Christmas Eve we tracked his global progress with the perjurious help of Google and NORAD. 

Now, the boy has a birthday coming up in less than two weeks. He will be six in January. 

I'll be 50 in October.

The pics from above are the Christmas dinner party we went to on the Eve. 

These below are from Christmas morning. 

What would I be if not also a dedicated chronicler of holidays....

Oh yea, the boy had a mishap at school last week. I had to race there to pick him up. The cement faceplant he successfully maneuvered was quite traumatic according to all eyewitness accounts. There was a lot of blood flowing from both nostrils, many wails and endless tears. 

The doctor told us what I already knew. There's not very much you can do for a broken nose in a child (it wasn't in fact broken). You just let it heal, it will turn out as it is going to.  

That must have been what happened to me (see above). Something in my face became broken along the way and it was never quite set correctly.