Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Christmas Spread

10 hours of sleep. I would have written the word ten but it didn't seem as impressive as did the digits. Last night before sleep I took a melatonin, a Xanax, a huge dollop of medical marijuana, and a few swigs of cherry NyQuil... voilá, I am healed. Any extra sleep I get from here on is pure gravy, drops caught from the shaman's ladle. 

I couldn't find the acute on the Mac keyboard for voilá. The accent mark ´ points the wrong way. I don't need an acute, I need a grave (I only know this because I looked it up).

Wait, I can do this, I copied and pasted from wikipedia, then removed the html around it: voilà.


I'm going to be dangerous on this site now. My diaereses will be umlautastic. I'm going to syntax the shit out of this fucking page.

Well no, but it really should be easier to find accent marks.

Ok, it is raining here in Sonoma and has been for days. It doesn't feel like Christmas, at all, except maybe for the eager expectations of the child. I haven't set up a tree yet, and do not wish to in the rain. I am a fair weathered fan of Christmas. I only cheer when my team is up by at least eight points at the end of the 3rd quarter.