Sunday, December 18, 2016

"At least you haven't become a Christian"

(A heart-healthy post)

A buddy warned me yesterday against the dangers of treading in Triathletism. He cautioned that my talk here is becoming close to outright advocacy for wheat-grass endurance. I assured him that my diet is as horrific as it's ever been, and as long as I am not publicly discussing the desired consistency of feces then I still have a handle on how things are meant to be. I heard his warnings, though, and he is quite right. Few things are more tedious than a person publicly bettering themselves. It is the story that no one wishes to hear and only the water-brained wish to share. Private tragedies can be memorable, public self-improvement is always pathetic. I know this, of course. I was trying to be comedic about it, but it is a thing that is only funny when viewed, and rightfully ostracized, in others. Of the many things that I get wrong I had not thought that being healthy would somehow arrive on that list. But, there it is. If a thing can be done then it can be done incorrectly. You can count on me to find a path towards that. So much human error can be found amongst the strengths. I am overly playful at work sometimes, also.