Monday, July 18, 2016

Something Wicked That Way Went

Home from camping. I'd like to claim that the weekend was restful. For some reason I came home exhausted, even though I slept reasonably well while out under the redwoods and stars. Reasonably well for me is anything near 6 hours a night. There must be something happening underneath the eyelids that so plagues my rest.

I stopped by to see the boy when I came home and took him out into the backyard to watch him run around. It is the simplest of joys that sustain us. It seems unfair that the simplest of troubles can be our undoing. He had a new haircut, one that he requested as: Mom, I want rock and roll hair.

It's true, that's what he now has.

I have a friend visiting from Tokyo later today. He will bring his girlfriend out to wine country and they will go to some wineries. A one-day trip. It is, of course, not enough to see all that there is in beautiful Sonoma. That can take as much as a week.

I would write and report more, telling about the beauty of nature and sleeping under the stars, but my week is already galloping away from me. Friends came into SF unexpectedly last night, almost as I was driving back through the city to get home. I went to sleep, thinking that maybe I would drive into the city to see them at a rooftop party. I closed my eyes and awoke in the darkness of the next day, needing to pee. I sat down on the toilet and nearly fell back asleep. It is what the new men do, to show their sensitivity and vulnerability, because that is what we have been told will make the world a more livable place. We'll see, I guess.

I would have driven into the city, were it not for the affection I've developed for my new sheets. I need to clean my apartment before my guests arrive. It seems only that and a manicure now stands between me and true happiness.

Don't worry, that's just the hair gel talking.