Thursday, July 21, 2016

Attn: Mr. Santa

I have either an income problem or a spending problem, or both. I really should be managing my money a bit better, but I like nice things. I covet them, to be near their preciousness. 

I own two different camera setups, both expensive sets to own considering that I am an amateur, and both would be considered very nice kits to own by most people. 

Somehow, I want more. 

The same is true with a bike. I had set a limit for the purchase of a new bike at around $1k, but thought that I could go up to around $1.5k if I saw something that was really worth it, like last year's model on a markdown sale. One evening of casually looking and my budget has crept up to the $2.5k range with spikes all the way up to $3.5k.

I'm the worst kind of capitalist - I prefer things of beauty.

Well, I think that these things are beautiful, anyway. The simplicity of a well-designed and well-made bike holds much appeal for me. I remember a time when a plastic shovel, some beach sand, and the periodic waves of ocean water were all that I wanted.  It was not so long ago. 

I'm just trying to do anything that I can to avoid political thought. Not that most of the thoughts I have are strictly political, they are more cultural and how politics affect our culture. I'm just going to try to hide for the next six months. I have grown tired of it all and only wish it all to be over.

If Jesus wanted me to be happy then he would find a way of knocking on my door with that Bianchi bike. He's Italian now, so it makes good marketing sense for this region. I will help bring proud attention to his brand, cause, and message. 

If he does bring it to to me then I will name it Bianchi Jagger.