Saturday, November 8, 2014

.... where credit's due

Haircut at Auntie Lisa's house. She had said she would cut my hair also, though the requirements of dual parenting did not quite allow for it.

He is becoming a darling little boy, day by day. 40 pounds and 40 inches, approx.

A genuine wonder and a true pal.

Well, if you're enjoying a lazy Sunday and happen to be a Beatles fan, then here is an old collection that I put together for a friend. For years I had thought that he did not give me any credit for having made it because I only looked at the page that you are about to see if you click that link....

Then, sharing it with a friend this morning, she pointed out that he does in fact give me credit in the introduction, a warm and pleasant bit of credit was lurking there all along, waiting for me when I need it most, I guess.

I'm a twat, but the boy seems to think highly of me.

(Addendum: A friend reached out and immediately corrected me on this story, explaining that he had already explained that I was credited in the audio of the mix, and that I seemed to understand this at the time that he told me. I suppose that I am succumbing to the ol' Irish Alzheimer's, I've forgotten everything except the petty grudges...)