Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Unfinished Simpering

Note: I give up. I wrote this at 6am, when I arrived at work, never finished it, didn't bother deleting it, now it's yours:

It seems that some days, no matter how early I wake up, I am still not rested enough to write a post here. Somehow I don't have enough time.

I had thought that maybe it was just sinful lethargy, from a return to reasonably light drinking. Though that doesn't make any sense. It's not as if it was any different when I was an abstaining Christian.

I left the house at 5am this morning, for reasons that I can not explain to myself. I arrived at the SF office in the dark. 

This version of life can not be right. I think that I have fucked up my body's natural melatonin levels by falling asleep before the sunset too often.

I'll be an albino vampire soon, living on the blood of lambs.

If I could just reach the bat belt...