Wednesday, November 5, 2014

¡Ay, caramba!

The good guys won! We'll finally get this country back in shape.

I can not wait, personally. We've had to suffer these potheads for far too long now. 

We finally beat the dems like the silly mutts they are. I'm looking forward to enjoying the economic prosperity that will surely arise from all of this. Fuck, I tried to cancel my health insurance this morning but HR said that I can't do it. I reminded them that there's a few new sheriffs in town, they had better buck up, I'll be back.

I'm just glad that I'm white and middle-aged, not a terrorist, etc. Jesus, the little people have got some kickings coming to them, and it's about time. Those fuckers have enjoyed a free ride for far too long, leaching off this great nation of ours. 

Pay up, Sanchez! 

You wouldn't believe how easy the migrant workers have it around here. You see them slinking around everywhere with all that filthy cash stuffed away, cash that should have been going to pay the taxes of the many suffering vintners in the region. 

That famed Mexican haughtiness is in for a few kicks to the balls, wipe those smirks right off of their faces. 

That'll teach 'em. 

Well, I haven't even looked at California's election results. Maybe I should have before writing all that now sits above this paragraph. Maybe the Mexicans finally won. Who knows, they might have already seceded and I might be a Mexican right now as I type this. 

Who needs facts. I can adapt.

Es fácil, todo lo que necesitas es amor.

Jesus Marimbaburritos, did you see that? My blog is succumbing to harvest-time gibberish.

Well, I should stop, preferably before somebody starts to take me seriously. I often wonder the possibilities of such a thing, being taken seriously. 

I am no big believer in democracy, but neither is anybody else. Just listen to what they all say today. You'll hear the word "cheated" thrown around a lot. 

Ask the people what they want and then just give it to them. Easy.

I see very little difference between the Reds and the Blues. 

The Blues lean further left on social issues and were about 3 and a half million times more likely to engage in voter fraud, but that's about it. 

I can understand why it's so important to many, and can understand the horror among some that recent advances in social liberties might be rolled back, or impeded from advancing any further. It's not as if many Presidents have been appointing liberal judges, ones that will challenge the authority of the executive arm of government, much less act in the interest of individual freedom. It's not easy, but the several POTUS' have found a way to create cascading layers of complicity in the judicial branch.

So few challenges to executive privilege ever make it to the final court, to test the "constitutionality" of their actions. They are smacked down and reduced in purpose along the way, to such degree that any seeming victory in checks-and-balances is mostly a meaningless victory, if not a pyrrhic one to the democratic and judicial process on its way up, or as a result.

Meanwhile, we live in a time in which the final court will claim that a corporation is a person and should enjoy the same rights and liberties afforded individuals in the Bill of Rights.

American terrorists aren't people, though. Let's not muddy the message. They are treasonous traitors

It's going to be nice to put prayer back in schools, and not that muslim wailing bullshit. Some nice sober recitations, in lockstep chorus. 

That should help separate the good ones from the bad.

Oh, majestas.