Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Safety First!

Wow... I had not quite expected the reaction to my post the other day, the one concerning Rachel and I finally deciding that it is over. I perhaps falsely assumed that people read my blog more often than they do, and could read between the lines. I have said the same thing in various ways many times already.

Bad news travels fast. 

It is very nice to feel loved, and cared about, though. It is not just nice... it is a necessity, a requirement even. I demand it.

I refuse to wash the dishes without it! 

I probably should have explained that Rachel and I are getting along quite well and working together successfully to co-parent Rhys, who is a daily marvel of happiness and springtime juvenescence.

The problem is that she and I have insisted upon never being happy together again. We have structured our futures around the concept.

But the boy is a true delight, a source of much shared love, and I say that at great risk of criticism and loss of online friends. I now know the dangers of publicly expressing happiness about children. There are important studies to disprove and counteract these very misleading and dangerous feelings, etc. 

This is not the 80's any more. We no longer have to live in darkness like Robert Downey Jr., in mirrored post-disco reflections, or as an unsolved Rubik's Cube, shelved for less troubled times.

We know this now.

Ah well, there are lots of studies to prove lots of different things. Maybe one day I'll find the one that's just right for me.