Monday, September 29, 2014

Ginger or Mary Ann?

I survived the three hour tour, did none of the deeply-feared though often ex-post-facto-"loved!" mastodon-psychedelics that I had assumed were required for such a journey.

I did a search for the title of this post and found these pictures. They were far too good not to use. The many click-ads that you see on this site help me support my struggling family, etc.

Apparently, there is some debate that goes on, whether: Ginger, Ale, Lager, or Mary Ann?

That's just pure silly, putty. Dope.

She-Mary is a strong argument against tattoos, without ever having tried. Never even mentioned it, as far as I know. Never had to.

Ginger probably discussed it at great length in the late 80's / early 90's, and likely went on a lucrative speaker's tour, called the "Sailor's Skin" lectures.

Don't do a search for "Ginger Tattoos"  You've been warned. 

Or, definitely not, "Ginger - Hervé Vellachaize."

Fuck, I've never begged my age group to get a joke so much before. 

And yet, some wayward others insist on calling me... porpoiseless, spiteful, and a disappointing antagonizer.

You wanted pics, old sport, you got 'em.

I have a close friend that demands to see pictures of every woman I've ever had sex with.

Alternately, he sends me pictures of hundreds of women that he has not. 

The disparity does not in any way escape, or taunt, me.

But, I am a good old sport about it all.

Ignore this post. It was written only for a fiend.