Monday, September 8, 2014

Father of one

Well, it is over.  Rachel and I had lunch today and agreed once again that there is no saving our relationship, at least not in its present form, remaining married.

We have been separated for almost a year now. I stopped wearing my ring about a month ago. 

Now, all that is left is to update Facebook. 

That, of course, and court.

Why can't the court just check Facebook?

It is all amicable, though sad, it simply must go before one last judge. 

I have never cared much for standing in front of a judge. Occasionally, they insist upon it. 

So, who am I to argue?

An old friend cheered me up a bit by sending this video.

He noticed, "In this performance, Mick manages to look like BOTH The Captain and Tennille."

It made me laugh out loud.

So, there is that still left, some laughter.

I have always said it, "Don't kid yourself, wild horses would definitely drag you away...."