Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pink Mammoth

A Mammoth is a distant ancestor of the modern elephant, recognized by its long curved tusks, is generally very hairy, and has a long sloping back. It once roamed the earth freely during the Pleistocene period.

That's me, but a Pink, wooly one.

Going on a boat party tonight, San Fran Bay. It is one of the fundraisers, I believe, which make the Pink Mammoth sound system at Burning Man possible.

In truth, I have never really understood how these things work. I know some people work very hard and tirelessly to make things possible for others. I appreciate that it doesn't just grow out of the desert playa.

I'm looking forward to it. I have very fond memories of the Pink Mammoth party at Burning Man in 2008.

I will perchance have more to report on all of this tomorrow. We'll see. I might get involved in experimental recreational intake of multiple forms of mind bending psychedelic drugs, rendering my reporting capabilities beyond meaningless, to utter nothing of what it may do to my swimming abilities, and the capacity to sleep.